Encrypt some emails

Ingo Klöcker kloecker at kde.org
Mon Oct 24 18:23:46 BST 2016

On Monday 24 October 2016 17:25:03 Sascha Manns wrote:
> Hello list,
> it is possible to encrypt a email by sending out. But it is possible
> in KMail to select one email and encrypt it with my own public key?
> I haven't found any possibility.

Hmm. Apparently, you have an account at mailbox.org. mailbox.org can 
encrypt all incoming mail with your key (see [1] for a German 
description of this feature).

mailbox.org cannot encrypt messages that have already been received in 
the past, but for future messages this seems to be the best solution for 
you, unless you only want to encrypt some incoming messages.


[1] https://mailbox.org/im-stiftfilm-erklaert-das-vollstaendig-verschluesselte-postfach/
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