akonadi/KDE PIM backup/restore

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Fri Oct 14 09:20:01 BST 2016

On Friday October 14 2016 08:36:56 Daniel Vrátil wrote:


>I would argue that except for the search index, you want to preserve 
>everything (including the massive file_db_data), see below.

That's OK.

file_db_data is massive indeed, though for me more in number of files (over 5000) than bytes-on-disk (59Mb with ZFS lz4 compression which works nicely on text).

Still, would you incur a big performance penalty using libzip or some such (leveldb?) to store all those files in an indexed, compressed archive.
A massive directory containing (tens of) thousands of files isn't exactly efficient (and probably even more massive in terms of actual disk (sector) usage).
I should probably spin this off to a separate thread.

>> tar -cjf "${ARCHIVE}" 
>> .kde/share/config/{foldermailarchiverc,kaddressbook,email,mail,knode,kontac
>> t,kmail,akonadi,kresource}* \
>> .kde/share/apps/{kaddressbook,kabc,knode,kmail,kontact}* \
>> 	.local/share/akonadi* \
>> 	.config/akonadi
>This seems to be for KDE4? In KF5 ~/.kde is not user anymore at all, but the 

Yes, it is - as you say, adapting it to KF5 shouldn't be hard.

>Otherwise it looks like you actually got them all. The only exception are .kde/share/apps, 
>see below again.

.kde/share/apps/korganizer is missing? 
I also see only ~/.local/share equivalences for .kde/share/apps/kabc and korganizer, is that because there are none?

>In KF5 you can omit kresource*, that's long dead.

Since KF5 or already since a 4.1x release?

>(sometimes also ~/.local/share/.local-mail)

Distro-weirdness I presume. Why would they do that...?


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