Akonadi disaster

Martin Steigerwald martin at lichtvoll.de
Sat Oct 8 09:53:41 BST 2016

Am Samstag, 8. Oktober 2016, 10:24:45 CEST schrieb René J.V. Bertin:
> Akonadi also appears to choke without any sign of that happening, apart
> from 
> >the lack of new mail. Then a restart is required.
> Yes, I've also seen that, though fortunately it's very rare and since I have
> a copy running on 2 machines (plus my phone telling me about new email) I
> usually detect it soon enough.
> I see one solution that shouldn't be too hard to implement and also doesn't
> require pouring the akonadi koolaid ("akonaid" :)) down the drain: make the
> imap agent optional and implement a version of it as part of the KMail
> process. That should make it possible to address most if not all issues if
> indeed this "BSOD" is due to a comms problem where KMail keeps waiting for
> the imap agent. * add an imap account through the akonadi KCM -> adds an
> imap agent (shows up in KMail too) * add an imap account in KMail ->
> default setting will use an imap "agent" running as a procedure in KMail,
> optionally create an akonadi imap agent.
> Akonadi can of course continue to provide an imap agent for other
> applications, but how many are there exactly that query this agent?

KDEPIM team decided to tailor Akonadi only for KDEPIM and Plasma usage some 
time ago.

And as said already: In my oppinion the chance that the KDEPIM team will 
create an IMAP agent as part of the KMail process is next to zero. So unless 
you or someone else does it… its a waste of time to even suggest it.

> >But as I said, apart from that I really like kmail!
> Maybe it's actually a feature designed to give you something more to do with
> the application you love so much ;)
> If so ... KMail could and should offer an action (menu, button, shortcut,
> whatever) to restart akonadi and itself ...

Having to restart Akonadi in order to continue using KMail is a bug. And thats 
about it.

I suggest you report any of those bugs to bug tracker, if not already there. 
Granted it may take a longer time till KDEPIM responds or addresses these, so 
feel free to remind after a month. Still there is a chance at least… here its 
noise and won´t have much of an effect I think.


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