[kdepim-users] Resources: akonadi and kwallet

ianseeks ianseeks at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Feb 14 08:13:11 GMT 2016

On Saturday, 13 February 2016 20:54:46 GMT Ingo Klöcker wrote:
> On Saturday 13 February 2016 19:41:56 ianseeks wrote:
> > Hi
> > 
> > I'm up to date with Tumbleweed.
> > 
> > These 2 things seems to be a black box to me.
> > 
> > Question 1. When the kwallet pops us to ask for a password to access a
> > wallet, why does it say "akonadi_xxx_resource0" wants access - why
> > doesn;t it tell us the real name the akonadi resource is e.g. your
> > kmail account identity. On one of my users, i get alternate password
> > requests from 2 imap resources each session and i've no idea which
> > one i'm looking at because of the naming in the password dialog.
> In KMail 4.14 (i.e. the not KF5-based KMail) the pop-ups show the name
> you've given to the account. So maybe that's a regression from the port
> to KF5. Or the resources somehow lost their name. (If one creates a new
> account then kwallet first asks whether "akonadi_xxx_resource#" should
> be allowed to access the wallet before one had a chance to enter the
> name of the account.)
Thanks.  Should i log it as a bug or has it already been fixed but not 

> Regards,
> Ingo

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