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> Hello,
> 1. While I was reading through the Kleopatra manual I found references to a
> revocation certificate.  How do I create
> this?  Why is this not a function of Kleopatra if it is
> needed?

Because it was never implemented, sorry. It's already on our todo and will be 
added in the next months. With GnuPG 2.1 revocation certificates are generated 
automatically when you generate a key.

> 2. I created a new key, and used the function
> buttons on Kleopatra to send an email copy of the OpenPGP certificate to a
> recipient as it directed me to do, but all that the recipient got was an
> empty email, with no attachment.  Why was this attachment not sent as this
> function was part of the wizard that created the new key?  What were you
> thinking I should be doing to send such a thing.
> There is no documentation
> I can discover on this.  How do I now send the OpenPGP certificate to the
> recipient, so that he can de-encrypt what I send, now that I have finished
> the creation (as I cannot get the function buttons back)?  Must I create yet
> another key?

You export your Key in Kleopatra. Then you get a file containing the Public key 
that you can send to your communication partner. Or you upload it to a 

You might want to look at the gpg4win compendium regarding that. It's not 
windows specific documentation:


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