[kdepim-users] [Kde-pim] kmail2 v5.1.1. and kwallet

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Wed Feb 10 10:51:51 GMT 2016

On Wednesday February 10 2016 11:23:16 Kevin Krammer wrote:

> The automatic migration at login seem to have failed for me, but it worked 
> when manually invoked.
> I also had to add
> [Migration]
> alreadyMigrated=true
> to ~/.config/kwalletrc afterwards.

There are still quite a few things that seem flaky in KF5. Does it work for you to modify kwallet settings via the dedicated KCM, for instance? The source seems to have been left somewhere between "we need to protect this with authentication" and "no need to authenticate in order to modify kwallet settings" (as opposed to content). For me the result is that I cannot apply any changes to the wallets to be used, their auto-close settings etc. So I took out the authentication hooks with a patch and posted about it, but never got an answer.


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