Kmail: Archiving folders with corrupt duplicate messages

Peter Wibberley p.wibberley at
Fri Dec 2 18:31:55 GMT 2016

I am using kmail 4.14.2 with Linux Mint 17.3KDE with a POP email server.  

When I move messages from the Inbox to folders I have created it is often the case that the message reappears in the Inbox a few seconds later.  There is at least one folder I previously created where this has stopped happening - I'm not sure how - but if I create a new folder, it seems to inherit this problem. 

On a number of occasions, I have moved the message that has reappeared in the Inbox into the same destination folder and the message has reappeared again.  This has also left me with apparently duplicate messages in the destination folder.  I say "apparently" duplicate messages because not infrequently they may be a slightly different size, and if I select 'Folders'.'Remove Duplicate Messages' I get an error, "/Unable to fetch item from backend (collection xxx) : Unable to retrieve item from resource: Invalid item retrieved/".  

I have also attempted to archive folders.  Archiving any folder that contains one of these "duplicate" messages will fail with the error message, "/Failed to archive the folder 'xxxxxxxxx'. Downloading a message in folder 'xxxxxxxxx' failed./".   Also, if I select one of these "duplicate" messages, or select a group of messages which contains one of these duplicated messages and attempt to move or copy them, then nothing happens.   More informatively, if I have a Konsole window in which I have run akonadictl then when I select one of these messages in kmail then konsole displays messages such as ....      

     *  /posting retrieval request for item 79979  there are  1  queues and  0  items in mine /
     *  /request for item 79979 still pending - waiting /
     *  /processing retrieval request for item 79979  parts: ("RFC822")  of resource: "akonadi_maildir_resource_0" /
     *  /AkonadiAgentServer(4442) MaildirResource::maildirForCollection: Got incomplete ancestor chain: Collection ID: 242    remote ID: "" /
     *  /   name: "" /
     *  /   url: KUrl("akonadi://?collection=242") /
     *  /   parent: 6 "/home/peter/.local/share/local-mail" /
     *  /   resource: "" /
     *  /   rights: QFlags(0x1|0x2|0x4|0x8|0x10|0x20) /
     *  /   contents mime type: () /
     *  /   isVirtual: false /
     *  /    CachePolicy:  /
     *  /   inherit: true /
     *  /   interval: -1 /
     *  /   timeout: -1 /
     *  /   sync on demand: false /
     *  /   local parts: () /
     *  /    CollectionStatistics: /
     *  /   count: -1 /
     *  /   unread count: -1 /
     *  /   size: -1 /
     *  /continuing /
     *  /request for item 79979 "" failed: "Unable to retrieve item from resource: <html>Invalid item retrieved</html>" /
     *  /ItemRetrieverException :  Unable to retrieve item from resource: <html>Invalid item retrieved</html>/

I don't know if it is related, but if I use pim setting exporter to perform a backup not all the folders are exported.  

My objective is to move my kmail and other PIM data to a new computer with a fresh install of Linux Mint 17.3KDE.  I would like some means of cleaning my kmail folders without having to search for the rogue duplicate messages one by one. so that I can archive and move my kmail messages.      

Any ideas would be much appreciated.  

Thanks and regards.
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