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O. Sinclair o.sinclair at gmail.com
Thu Oct 8 11:13:14 BST 2015

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On 08/10/2015 11:52, Sandro KnauƟ wrote:
> Hey,
> can you please add a screenshot of the dialog - I have no glue what
> kind of popup you see.
> Regards,
> sandro
> -- Am Dienstag, 6. Oktober 2015, 16:42:11 schrieb John White:
>> I suspect this is not a bug but just something I don't know how
>> to turn off.
>> Anyway, I use kmail 4.14.1 on my debian jessie 32 bit system, set
>> to pop3, no html preference, and it works just fine  I have been
>> using it and kmail 1 before that for a long time. I can't
>> remember when I switched to kmail 2 but it was several months
>> ago.
>> Now here is my question:
>> Every now and then, probably 5 or 10 times a week, I get a
>> message to the effect that kmail is checking my system or some
>> such. In order to get to my email, once this message appears, I
>> have to go through a small pop window which shows two spam emails
>> with  three options:
>> Keep Left  Keep Right  Keep Both
>> If I click on one of those three buttons, the next email comes up
>> and I have to do the same thing, and continue doing the same
>> thing until I have gone through all my spam email.  This is a
>> bother and I would like to turn off whatever function is giving
>> me the choice to "keep left, keep right or keep both".  I don't
>> see what function is serves.
>> I have bogofilter showing in the spam wizard window.
>> Any suggestions?
I remember this from earlier versions of KMail/Akonadi and I have a
feeling (no can not verify) that is a Bogofilter issue. Personally I
use Spambayes and CRM114, I have never found Bogofilter to be very good.

In any case choose anything but "keep both" or it will keep appearing.

There is something with KMail and filtering that is not quite "on
spot" as I and other users "see double" on certain mails that go
through filtering (CNet computer news on a daily basis arrive as 2
mail instead of 1) and this popup you mention I think is related to that.

you can try (am not sure it will help) from a console window after
quitting KMail:
1. akonadictl stop (repeat that until you get a message akonadictl is
not running)
2. akonadictl fsck
3. akonadictl vacuum

make a backup of data first and only do the backup when you have first
made "akonadictl stop" or your mail might still be running and your
backup might not save vital data

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