[kdepim-users] "mailing list/post new message" starts up Thunderbird?!?!

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Sat Jan 3 10:06:49 GMT 2015

On Saturday January 03 2015 07:41:02 O. Sinclair wrote:

>>> On Friday January 02 2015 10:49:57 Rex Dieter wrote:
>>>> check your mimetype association for mimetype: x-scheme-handler/mailto
>>> That would make sense, thanks - but how does one do this on Linux?
>> Using KDE, look in systemsettings, in the file associations module.

There is no x-scheme-handler category, and no mailto item/type anywhere according to that tool.

>> Firefox might have information of its own, look in the configuration dialog. I 
>> think I rememeber having to delete an odd file created by firefox or thunderbird 
>> once, but that was long ago - hopefully using the KDE systemsettings should be 
>> sufficient in the present time :)

Why would kmail look at Firefox's settings? I don't even use that browser ...
Configuring it to use kmail didn't have any effect, as I'd expect :(

This is all the more saddening given that Opera (12) which is configured to open mailto URIs with "the default application" finds kmail as it should.

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