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Pablo Sanchez pablo at blueoakdb.com
Wed Jan 28 12:53:12 GMT 2015


As a Database and Performance engineer, I've investigated akonadi.

What I found at the database level is an excessive number of queries
(IIRC, 1000's per second) which because all the data was in the DBMS'
cache, manifested itself in 100% CPU utilization.

I used a VM on a 8p Host O/S.  The more processors I gave the VM, the
more queries per second executed.  Which, on the face of it, one might
say, great, our application is scaling well.  However, whenever I
engage in this type of analysis, the question I always ask is what's
the reason for the query which is our top consumer.

In this particular case, what I found was one of the top consuming
queries was checking for new email.  1000's of times per second?  This
makes no sense.  Even with a super high-speed connection, who cares!

Daniel (sustaining engineer?) rolled in some changes to mitigate the
incessant queries.  I don't know which version of Akonadi has these

IMO, the concept of Akonadi is a good one but the implementation
(1000's of queries per second?) needs refactoring.  In the spirit of
OSS, there will be /Akonadi Next/ .... with no disrespect intended,
I'd prefer to see Akonadi fixed than to create a new set of potential

But, it is OSS so we all have choices.  Including myself.  So, for
now, I continue to use Thunderbird.

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