[kdepim-users] rant

Martin Steigerwald martin at lichtvoll.de
Wed Jan 28 14:46:39 GMT 2015

Am Mittwoch, 28. Januar 2015, 08:44:10 schrieb Pablo Sanchez:
> > And it caches too much, way too much. 75 GiB in file_db_data is just
> > too much IMHO.
> I think this growth has more to do with the nature of the database's
> file extending while it performs /work/ but from the DB's perspective,
> it's largely empty.  But I'm not 100% .... I'm starting to forget what
> I discovered.  :)

file_db_data is no database. There Akonadi stores all items above 4 KiB 
(aka standard value of SizeTreshold), items smaller it stores in the 

Issues seems to be:

- Akonadi produces duplicates in file_db_data (exactly the same file several 
times) after a while.

- Akonadi seems to loose reference for some of the files after a while so 
that akonadictl fsck which checks file_db_data references moves files into 
file_lost+found. It did to with >100000 here already. Thus cleaning up 
there seems broke.

- Caching that much for an IMAP without offline saving or even for a POP3 in 
local maildirs just does not make much sense.

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