[kdepim-users] including attachments in forward or reply

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Fri Jan 16 09:50:04 GMT 2015

On Friday January 16 2015 10:41:59 Werner Joss wrote:

>> I just fowarded an email containing an attachment - works as expected, no
>> extra action to include the attachment required.
>> using kde 4.14.2 here.

Ah, it indeed seems to depend on the kind of attachment. The original mail I replied to was (I think) html with an embedded image. That image did show up as an attachment, but not in a forward (in the end I forwarded the original mesg. as an attachment).

>oh, well, attachment won't be sent back in a reply, because that would not 
>make any sense, IMHO :)

Well, that depends. My intention was to reply to the author, and CC someone who'd have to get the attachment, rather than sending 2 messages, or having to enter both email addies by hand.
I agree it's not something you'd expect by default, but checking the template options I didn't see a way to create a template for "reply with original attachment(s)" or "forward with(out) original attachment(s)" ...

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