[kdepim-users] outbox disappeared

Rainer Dorsch ml at bokomoko.de
Sat Jan 3 19:43:20 GMT 2015


in KMail 4.14.1 my outbox disappeared in Kmail Folders, here is a screenshot:


Physically, the folder is still present (or is this a legacy kmail1 folder?)

rd at blackbox:~/.local/share$ ls .local-mail.directory/outbox/new/
rd at blackbox:~/.local/share$

The outbox is used to store emails before they are sent, after being send they 
are stored in sent-mail or whatever is configured in identity.

It also seems to function, e.g. if I break the smtp account settings, I get a 
transport failed and if I fix it again, eventually the message arrives.

The only problem is that I cannot see the outbox in kmail and also if 
something is really wrong in the message, I cannot open the message and fix it.

Does anybody have an idea what is going wrong or how I could start debugging 

Many thanks,

Rainer Dorsch
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