[kdepim-users] akonadi fsck fails

Pablo Sanchez pablo at blueoakdb.com
Wed Aug 26 22:23:31 BST 2015

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On 08/26/2015 03:19 PM, J. Roeleveld wrote:
> Based on that, the following one is the best option:
> ++++
> delete from pimitemflagrelation
>   where pimitemflagrelation.pimitem_id in (
>             select pimitem_id
>             from pimitemflagrelation
>             left join pimitemtable
>               on pimitemflagrelation.pimitem_id = pimitemtable.id);

Hi Joost,

Yes, you're right, the above is superior to the NOT EXIST.  The NOT 
EXIST's Execution Plan shows it will perform a full table scan (Seq 
Scan) of [pimitemflagrelation].

I find NOT EXIST to nearly always be non-performant across all RDBMS's.

Too bad the LEFT OUTER JOIN doesn't work in the FROM for PG.


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