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Thomas Tanghus thomas at tanghus.net
Tue Aug 4 03:41:48 BST 2015


I have a desktop PC and a laptop with what I would say is exactly the same 

KNotes 4.14.7
Akonadi 1.13.0

As in Kubuntu 15.04 with kubuntu-backports enabled.

On both boxes I have an Akonadi Notes resource type application/x-
vnd.kde.notes pointing to an "old style" KNotes ICS file.

And on both I can see the actual notes in akonadiconsoles Browser tab.

The first weird thing is, that on the laptop I see all the notes perfectly 
from KNotes in the systray, but on the desktop PC it just shows "No notes".

The second weird thing is that the Notes resource doesn't show up in KNotes' 
configuration under Collections on either box..?

I was really pleased when I saw that someone - don't remember who - took on 
modernizing KNotes, but - and I hate to sound like the whine choir about 
Akonadi - now it has ended up extremely confusing and non-functional.

To stop any blame-game: This has nothing to do with Frameworks5 or Plasma5; 
the problem existed before that.
Med venlig hilsen / Best regards

Thomas Tanghus

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