[kdepim-users] importing maildir

Stephan Olbrich stephanolbrich at gmx.de
Tue Apr 7 21:35:39 BST 2015

Am Dienstag, 7. April 2015, 21:26:53 schrieb Ingo Klöcker:
> On Thursday 02 April 2015 21:49:03 Stephan Olbrich wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > I'm trying to migrate my local mails from one kmail to another.
> > I exported the mail to an bz2 archive.
> > 
> > If I try to import the archive I end up with local-folders/inbox/local-
> > folders/inbox structure. Moving those folders to back to toplevel where
> > they belong (with lots of subfolders and mails) around seems to confuse
> > akonadi so much that at some point I can't move some folders anymore.
> > Also a lot of mails are marked as unread although they were all marked as
> > read before and if I check the maildir directly, all are in the cur
> > folder (in the archive).
> cur contains messages which are not new. If a message is read then an 'S'
> (seen) is added to the name (resp. after the ":2,") of the file containing
> this message. See http://cr.yp.to/proto/maildir.html for details.
> > If I try to just point local-folders to the (extracted) archive, the
> > folders are at the correct place, but now all mails are marked as unread!
> > Is this a bug or a feature?? And is there a way to mark all mails as
> > read? (There are lots of subfolders)
> Hmm. It seems the old KMail only stored the "read" information in Akonadi.
> You could try adding the 'S' (or ":2,S") to the filenames of the mail files
> to mark them as read. Do this while neither KMail nor Akonadi is running.
> (You can stop Akonadi with "akonadictl stop".)

KMail behaves very strange. No mail in the exported archive has any ":2,*" 
ending. When I look at the original maildir some do indeed end with ":2,S" but 
not all (and all were marked as read in KMail).
So exporting seems to remove all this information.
The archive has about 2000 more mails than the original maildir??? I guess 
this has to do with this bug here https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=341192

None of the mails in the maildir which kmail is currently using have any 
":2,S" endings, although I marked a lot of folders as read.

I guess I'll just setup a local dovecot and use the imap resource. Maildir 
seems to be too broken...

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