[kdepim-users] How to recover emails from Akonadi cache

Konstantin Markov markov at u-aizu.ac.jp
Tue Apr 14 08:42:13 BST 2015


A couple of weeks ago my KMail client started to misbehave (probably 
because of bugs in the last update, btw I'm running Mint 17.1) and I 
switched to Thunderbird. However I noticed that some mails get deleted 
from the mail-server, but don't show up in the Thunderbird.

It turned out that Akonadi server was still running and fetching and 
deleting emails from the mail-server. I guess emails that "got lost" are 
stored in the Akonadi cache.

Staring KMail again did not recover those lost emails. So, how can I 
recover them?

Thanks for any advice,


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