[kdepim-users] more frozen "Retrieving Folder Contents" not-so-goodness

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Sat Nov 15 12:48:29 GMT 2014


Is it normal (as in, to be expected) that I remain stuck in "Retrieving Folder Contents" if I did a "Check mail in all accounts" and that leads to a full download of a GMail [All Mail] folder, at least for the duration of that sync?
Is it also normal (same definition) that I remain stuck forever if I try to be clever and abort that lengthy sync?

Certain email clients offer a function to stop all transfers; I'm pretty sure Claws or Sylpheed Claws does, Apple Mail has something like that, and in a different category, KDevelop also has a toolbar button to stop all ongoing jobs. 
Would it be possible to write a similar feature for KMail, one that not only asks the background resources politely to abort what they're doing, but that also aborts KMail's own jobs that would be waiting for those resources? Surely that's more elegant than having to restart akonadi or KMail itself ...

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