[kdepim-users] Akonadi Console: how to edit; ‘Save’ button grayed-out

Erik Quaeghebeur kdepim-users at equaeghe.nospammail.net
Mon Nov 17 10:52:49 GMT 2014

Gene Heskett:
> > I would like to know how I can edit content using the Akonadi Console.
> > I can go through the moves and add, e.g., IMAP flags, but the
> > ‘Save’ button is grayed-out [...]
> [...] a lot of the linux programs will grey 
> out the save button if they don't have permission to write.  So make sure 
> YOU own the file you are trying to edit.

Well, as far as I know, this is data being pulled from a database file (which exactly, I do not know), not data stored in individual files.

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