[kdepim-users] changing database backend

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Wed Nov 12 15:40:26 GMT 2014

On Wednesday November 12 2014 09:54:20 Pablo Sanchez wrote:


>it.  I'd rather buy an SSD (cheap!) and not worry about I/O.

Not here in Europe, not at least for use in a machine where performance tweaks count most (namely my "kick around" netbook that cost me about 300€ 2y ago, with a 300Gb harddisk that isn't likely to be the bottleneck; an SSD upgrade for that kind of machine is just not reasonable).

>   This variable can be turned off with --skip-innodb_doublewrite for
>   benchmarks or cases when top performance is needed rather than
>   concern for data integrity or possible failures.

Yes, I've seen that. It's something akin to COW, and with ZFS's own COW plus the copies=2 I'm running with that would just be too much redundancy.

>In order for the DBMS to conform to ACID [1], you can't disable
>logging.  :)

But logging is independent of double-write, right?

Thanks for the links.

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