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Pablo Sanchez pablo at blueoakdb.com
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On 11/14/2014 08:31 AM, Daniel Vrátil wrote:

Hi Daniel

> Well, envelopes and headers are not as small as most people expect:
> [ numbers trimmed ]

Thanks for the above information.  It forced me to read up on how
MySQL handles its BLOBS - see

One interesting point raised in the above URL was the use of the
COMPRESSED row format.  It'd be interesting to run some Kmail
benchmarks with and without compression.  Apparently it's only
available with `The Barracuda file format'

I'd be curious to know how much compression would help with
the envelope/header information.  The trade off would be less I/O but
more CPU (compress/uncompress).  But perhaps we rarely inspect the
headers/envelope.  (Sorry for my ignorance here ... :)

I should also state while I know Databases relatively well, most of my
work is not with MySQL.  But the performance and tuning concepts,
scalability aspects are generally same across all the DBMS.

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