[kdepim-users] kmail: various questions of a new user

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Mon Nov 17 16:50:47 GMT 2014

On Monday November 17 2014 13:44:26 René J.V. Bertin wrote:

> >well if I not overseen a codepath, there is no codepath that sets 
> >set8BitAllowed from the GUI side. Actually only two tests are testing the 
> >behaviour of 8bit.

In fact, it seems that the only place where set8BitAllowed() is called with a potentially true argument is in KNode::PostNewsTechnicalWidget::save(), except for 2 test cases.

@Erik: are you comfortable building the package yourself? If so, you can modify the code to make allow8Bit=true in GlobalPart::GlobalPart(QObject *parent) and see how that works out for you.
If it does what you expect you can propose to initialise the variable from a value stored in the KMail settings file (kmail2rc).

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