[kdepim-users] kmail: various questions of a new user

Erik Quaeghebeur kdepim-users at equaeghe.nospammail.net
Sun Nov 23 20:52:40 GMT 2014

I asked:

> 4. Are there filters ‘floating around’ for ...
> 4a. ... reducing a `multipart/alternative` message to either its `text/plain` or `text/html` part? (So not just deleting the content of a part, but really changing the message's MIME type from `multipart/alternative` to, e.g., `text/plain`.)
> 4b. ... changing the `Content-Transfer-Encoding` away from the source-illegible `base64`?

I've looked at Python's email module and it provides more than sufficient power to do these kind of things. So the solution (for me) is to use the ‘Pipe Through’ action with a script using that module.

I'll make the scripts I've created public for others to use (at their own risk) and improve at


If you have suggestions for improvement or see a bug that needs to be corrected, please add an issue on GitHub instead of replying to this message.

Have fun,

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