[kdepim-users] kmail: various questions of a new user

Erik Quaeghebeur kdepim-users at equaeghe.nospammail.net
Sun Nov 16 22:37:43 GMT 2014


I am new to kmail, being in the process of moving from Thunderbird because that mail client does not integrate nicely with KDE. I am mostly very positively impressed or surprised.

A number of questions have popped up for which I did not find an answer in the typical places (manual, on-line; please forgive me if I overlooked something). To avoid causing too much noise, I will group these questions in one mail instead of the usually appropriate ‘one mail per message’. 

1. kmail sends non-ASCII mails with a `Content-Transfer-Encoding` of `quoted-printable`; I prefer `8bit` for its better source-legibility (I am willing to risk non-8BITMIME-capable SMTP servers). Is it possible to have kmail use `8bit`?

2. For an identity, one can list aliases.
2a. Is it possible to select from among those in some way in the mail editing window?
2b. Is it possible to enter a regexp in the alias field?

3. Is it possible to directly edit the source of a message? (I am aware that I can use filters for most mail modification purposes, but sometimes just quickly editing the source is much more efficient; I did not manage to create a filter that passes the message content to kate and outputs what kate saves, but this may be because I am new to filters.)

4. Are there filters ‘floating around’ for ...
4a. ... reducing a `multipart/alternative` message to either its `text/plain` or `text/html` part? (So not just deleting the content of a part, but really changing the message's MIME type from `multipart/alternative` to, e.g., `text/plain`.)
4b. ... changing the `Content-Transfer-Encoding` away from the source-illegible `base64`?

5. It seems that the message list styles applied for flags (important and action-item, say) are exclusive in the sense that I cannot combine, e.g., a font change for the one and a color change for the other if both flags are set. Is this correct, or is there a way to do this (editing theme files manually is OK as an option).

6. Is there a list of the non-system IMAP flags/labels used by kmail, and their meaning? (I know about `$TODO`, `$WATCHED`, `$JUNK`, `$NONJUNK`.)

7. (A more open question.) In what way can or does kmail use information in my (kaddressbook) contact list?


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