[kdepim-users] Tbird versus Kmail, performance

Pablo Sanchez pablo at blueoakdb.com
Sun Nov 16 14:48:01 GMT 2014

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On 11/16/2014 03:57 AM, René J.V. Bertin wrote:
> Having to coerce it and its akonadi minions to do what I want
> basically every time I want to do a quick check of my email is not
> something I'm going to put up with any longer.

Hi René,

I totally understand the above.  This is why for now, again, I'm back to
Thunderbird.  Perhaps eventually I'll get back to Kmail2.

I may take the suggestion to move some of the technical discussion to
IRC.  I'm not a front-end person though so for me to be effective, I
need to partner with a front-end person.  :)

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