[kdepim-users] Proxychains and KDE apps usage (in Debian 7 ;)

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Wed Jul 9 11:15:23 BST 2014

Hi guys,

  sorry if this question is too silly aka newbie one :)
I'm suggested as for proxychains usage with Kontact and other KDE apps to run:
...:$ proxychains kdeinit4

Orig. info here:

Currently I am still "playing" and testing proxychains therefore maybe I do something wrong.
However I'd like to ask if someone has any experiences with proxychains and KDE apps usage.
I feel I'm getting too much errors in terminal as proxychanis output however Kmail seems to be working.

And doesn anybody tested proxychains with Tor ?
I've just edited 'socks4' to 'socks5'
where was 
"# defaults set to "tor"
socks4 9050"

And the last question:
how is it reverseable that command "proxychains kdeinit4" ?
If I'd like to stop to use proxy with KDE ?

Thanks for your tips & help, in advance.



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