[kdepim-users] kmail(?): annoying "bugs" reappears

ianseeks ianseeks at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Nov 12 10:03:33 GMT 2013


I say "bug" but it still works.  I'm using opensuse 12.3 and kmail Version 
4.11.3.  I've configured to get mail on start up and until recently it worked.

When starting kmail i get the full screen etc and a progress bar of 0% in the 
bottom right hand corner and i never get the mail until I press <Check Mail> 
and then all the mail appears.  

This happened in kmail (for me) for quite a while but recently its been 
working as I expected it to but now its reverted to the 0%.  The progress bar 
eventually vanishes without ever progressing from 0%.

It seems to be related to this issue as its also reared its ugly head again.
"Every first send of an email from Kmail (4.11.1) opensuse 12.3 I get this 
message "Failed to transport message. Your SMTP server does not support PLAIN. Choose a 
different authentication method. The server responded: "5.7.0 
Incorrect username or password. (#MBR1212)".  All subsequent attempts to 
resend fail until i do this:-
"Setting/Configure Kmail/Accounts/Sending/"select outgoing 
account"/Modify/Advanced/Auto Detect".
The Autodetect flashes to show it "did" the job but the settings remain the 
same. If i now reopen the email sitting in the Outbox and send, it works.
It also happens with the first reply instead of a compose/send.
I always use the "New Mailing list email" option as i only use this account 
for mailing lists."

Anyone else having this issue?


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