[kdepim-users] Moving KMail to another computer

Peter peter777 at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Nov 20 06:46:32 GMT 2013


On Monday 11 November 2013 17:55:02 Daniel Vrátil wrote:
> If you are planning on changing user name, you have to drop Akonadi.
> Unfortunately the Akonadi database is not relocatable at this moment, so you
> have to transfer your local emails (~/.local/share/local-mail), contacts
> and calendars and on reconfigure Akonadi on the other computer from
> scratch. Also export your KMail configuration and re-import it on the other
> computer to get filters and stuff.

Do I _have_ to reconfigure Akonadi ?  I'd prefer to simply import all my 
emails. Surely someone who was starting KMail from scratch, wouldn't have to 
go anywhere near Akonadi, they would simply import any emails.

> > 5.   What about all the emails ? Do I simply copy them all into their
> > appropriate paths/folders, or do I use "Import Messages". All my emails
> > are
> > single files per email.
> If you use maildir/mbox, copy the source maildir/mbox and configure Akonadi
> on the new computer to use it. If you are copying the entire Akonadi, copy
> the maildir/mbox folders too, but you don't have to recon

There is "File  |  Import messages", and I can see an option in the dropdown 
box "Import KMail Maildirs and Folder Structure". Surely I can use that ?

There is also an option there shown as "Import KMail Archive File", described 
a follows:

KMail Archive File Import Filter
This filter will import archives files previously exported by KMail.
Archive files contain a complete folder subtree compressed into a single file.
Written by Klarälvdalens Datakonsult AB.

I don't have an option in KMail to create an archive. Is this the same as the 
backup feature someone mentioned ? Or, can I simply compress all folders and 
files to a TAR.GZ or similar ?



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