[kdepim-users] No indexed mails

Luis Felipe Tabera lftabera at yahoo.es
Tue Nov 19 15:50:36 GMT 2013

On Sunday November 17 2013 18:52:38 whatifgodwasoneofus wrote:
> Luis Felipe Tabera <lftabera <at> yahoo.es> writes:
> > I can confirm this, force reindexing seems useless, but
> > then opening an email triggers a indexing that works for searching!
> Have you tried to just _touch_ the message files? That also triggers the
> indexing.
> Take a look here:
> https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=324925
> HTH,


I have tried with a message that was not indexed, touching it or displaying it 
did not seem to trigger an indexing. Marking the folder to re-index worked 
though. Maybe I was not patient enough.

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