[kdepim-users] 4.10 Beta looking good

Mark Fraser mfraz74+kde at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 16:16:14 GMT 2012

On Sunday 09 Dec 2012 08:01:46 Lindsay Mathieson wrote:
> Just upgraded my 4.9.4 install to 4.10 Beta 1 via an upgrade from Kubuntu
> 12.10 to the 13.04 alpha.
> First impressions:
> - My akonadi data/cache was preserved, doesn't seem to be any quirks popping
> up. Prior upgrades have required erasing the akonadi db and starting from
> scratch
> - CPU usage is hugely improved. On 4.9.4 I was getting regular spikes and on
> startup it was hogging 4 cores for up to 15 minutes before it settled. Now
> I logon and CPU is at zero in seconds.
> - Searching. Looks good so far. I have a saved search folder of all unread
> emails. Works and not hogging the CPU either.
> - Overall it seems snappier, more responsive.

Don't know if it is because I'm still on 12.10 with KDE 4.10, but in my 
experience it is worse than 4.9.4 as for example my filters aren't running 
automatically any more and I have to do an "Apply all filters" when I first 
load KMail.
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