[kdepim-users] Issue with actual emails residing in two (2) separate folders

Nassos Kourentas nassos.kourentas at gmail.com
Thu Dec 6 13:57:23 GMT 2012

I have KDE 4.9.4 deployed with Akonadi  version 1.8.1 (at least that's what
akonadictl --version has reported back) and I am facing the following

I have been using KMail (Kontact) for managing my emails since 2002 and
always used the most up-to-date version available (even before the
akonadi-related implementation came to life) by usually avoiding alpha and
beta versions, but kept on jumping on to the next final version whenever
that was available. My mail archive well exceeds the number of _several_
thousands. The connection to the mail server has always been POP3 and
remains that way until nowadays.

Fast forward to today, I just happen to notice the following rather weird
and concerning behaviour:

All my emails are kept within a rather complex folder structure _below_
"Kmail Folders (Offline)"

Having gone through some interesting documentation (mainly:
http://blogs.kde.org/2011/11/13/akonadi-misconception-1-where-my-data) I
found out that my _older_ emails are indeed under the directory ~/Mail

However, the last 1963 emails (dating from 16/08/2011 onwards until today
that is) that I have either received or sent, reside _only_ under the
directory: ~/.local/share/akonadi/file_db_data/ !

I would really appreciate it if someone could shed some light in my attempt
to explain the above strange behaviour and furthermore assist me in my
attempt to _merge_ those most recent emails (that reside under:
~/.local/share/akonadi/file_db_data/) within the former folder (~/Mail),
without losing the respective akonadi-related valuable information.

Please _do_ bare in mind the fact that _all_ emails (residing in _both_
file system directory structures), are _rendered_ under the _unique_ "Kmail
Folders (Offline)" tree structure within KMail.

Should anyone have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact

I would like to thank anyone in advance for his/her concern,

Kind regards,



Mr. Nassos Kourentas,
Software Engineer,
MSc in Computer Science University of Edinburgh,
Statistical and Financial Applications Dept.,
IT Division,
Bank of Greece,
341 Mesogiwn Av.,
T.K. 152 31,

Private Email Address: nassos.kourentas at gmail.com
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