[kdepim-users] [Akregator] Making fonts bigger in Articleoverview

Sascha Manns Sascha.Manns at open-slx.de
Fri Aug 3 18:08:21 BST 2012

Hello Martin,

Martin Steigerwald wrote at Freitag, 3. August 2012, 17:05:40:
> The Akregator settings only seem to affect the article display as article,
> when I open an article as website in a tab, like from Phoronix.com the
> minimum and middle sizes do not seem respected. Maybe phoronix.com
> overwrites them with some CSS.
Sorry for that, but it looks like i have asked my question false.

Please have a look at: http://paste.opensuse.org/89179577. That range was 
meant with "articleoverview". Don't know the right name.

For that range i want to make the fonts a little bit bigger. Have i any 

Sincerly yours
Sascha Manns
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