[kdepim-users] Upgrade from FC15 to FC17 errors

Leon Pollak leonp at plris.com
Fri Aug 24 22:40:07 BST 2012


I will be VERY thankful for the help.
I upgraded from FC15 to FC17 and have a lot of problems:

1. KMail upgraded to KMail2 without any errors, but each time I do 
something with it it issued the error message "Resource KMail Folders is 
broken. This resource is now online". All the rest is OK.

2. My calendar which uses the google calendar in Kontact is empty, 
although the calendar in the clock panel widget has all the google data 
in it! How it can be!!!???

3. My kaddressbook/contacts which should be synced with google contacts 
is also empty. It has no address books active.

The akonadi server configuration has no errors and runs both 
akonadi_google_calendar_resource_x and 
akonadi_googlecontacts_resource_y, where y=10 already.
When I try to add new address book I see new 
akonadi_googlecontacts_resource appearing, syncing with google (which 
takes significant time) and becomes ready. But nothing else happens - no 
address books and no contacts.

No need to say that I will be very thankful for any help.
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