[kdepim-users] Migrating to another computer

Peter peter777 at users.sourceforge.net
Thu Aug 30 07:40:48 BST 2012

On Thursday 30 August 2012 08:08:29 you wrote:

> In the kmail settings, in accounts/receiving, select the storage and click
> "change". Alternatively, in systemsettings, use the "personal information"
> module and find the resource. The dialog is the same.

That is the place where I have it modified now, in accounts/receiving, and I 
have it 'unchecked' so it will not do anything at 'check mail' option.

I don't have a personal module info, that must be with kontact,etc.

> To avoid the updating of the storage folder itself - which is potentially
> dangerous and destructive in my experience - you have to uncheck all options
> in kmail receiving accounts settings in the dropdown menu that appears if
> you click the "receiving settings" button for the account (I translate back
> from danish, so names might be a bit different)

Yes, in 'accounts/receiving' where it has 'Local Folders', there are 3 
options, and all are unchecked.

Most of the folders/subfolders have no stats for unread mail/total mail. Is 
that the 'Update Folder' option ?


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