[kdepim-users] KMail2 at kdepim 4.9.0

Russ Fineman upscope at nwi.net
Sat Aug 25 19:43:33 BST 2012

Robin Atwood wrote:
> On Tuesday 21 August 2012, Andras Mantia wrote:
>> Robin Atwood wrote:
>>> Does the community consider KMail2 usable yet? I have gotten a bit tired
>>> of installing the latest kdepim and after a day rapidly restoring
>>> Last time the main problem for me was that the filters were not
>>> automatically applied, I had to constantly do C-A/C-J manually. Also, the
>>> mail was never delivered to the inbox folder but the enveloping one, call
>>> Folder or something.
>>> So what's the feeling out there?
>> The only serious (ie. that could cause data loss) bug is with online imap
>> accounts and local spam filtering. That is still not fixed, unfortunately
>> the fix I tried didn't work. In that case you have two choices:
>> - use a disconnected imap account (that just means mail bodies are
>> completely downloaded)
>> - do not use client-side spam filtering, but use sieve scripts server side
>> Filtering on disconnected IMAP and POP3 account apparently works fine, with
>> an ocassional *temporary* message duplicating in the destination folder
>> (temporary, as a refresh on the folder usually removes the duplicate, it is
>> just a duplicate in the "index", not on the storage/disk) and filtering not
>> working for some messages that were downloaded after a resume from
>> hibernation. The filtering starts to work after the first manual
>> sync/download.
>> I will look at both bugs at one point, latest at the KDEPIM sprint in
>> October.
> Andras -
> Thanks for the response. Other responses on this thread indicated that there 
> were still problems with filtering. FYI my mail boxes are maildir format. I 
> changed to that from mbox, which was an utter disaster.
> Cheers
> -Robin
I just found another issue today with Kmail2 ( version 4.8.4 but I'll
wait another week and see if the new release fixes it. It has to do with
creating a group to use as a distribution list.
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