[kdepim-users] open request to KDEPIM devs to address four long-standing regressions

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Tue Oct 18 14:34:30 BST 2011


On Tuesday, October 18, 2011 8:34 AM, "Alan McKinnon"
<alan.mckinnon at gmail.com> wrote:
> You'll notice this mail was not composed with kmail

Actually, I hadn't.  Noted.

> But the devs are people and sometimes one has to be willing to make the first move.

Of course.  To my the point of my post, again -- how?

Again, in just this small sample set, communicating via
bug/post/list/etc clearly isn't working well enough.  Communicating with
'them' directly isn't an option, either -- it's not even clear who the
right 'them' are.

As on-point as your admonition is to make a 'first' move, it's an
exercise in futility IF there's not also a 2nd move, and a 3rd, and ...

> "second big project", over-reaching and over-ambitious.

Entirely possible.  IMO, even if true, failure of something as a
'mundane', but central/key funtionality like day-in and day-out usage
PIM is really not a viable option -- for the project.

It may not be the most fun technology to develop, or the neatest,
next-thing, but 'without good foundations, the whole structure shakes'

> The only solution
> for second big project is a mature leader who can keep things on track,
> keep devs motivated, and chuck out the over-ambitious bits.

I couldn't agree more -- for either 'just' the PIM, or for KDE overall. 
Many users would happily pay $X/year as a KDE 'community support
membership' if there were clear leadership, direction, stability, etc.
In addition to contributing the value of their own time & effort to this

How can I be so certain?  Simply because we're un-happily preparing to
pay for commercial support for commercial products -- yes, back(wards)
to Windows and Mac -- knowing full well what we lose, to simply get our
hands on the basic functionality & stability that are critical to our

We're getting into the usual 'philosopy' of the matter.

TBH, my goal in THIS discussion remains -- to get these things fixed.

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