[kdepim-users] kmail2 can't reply to calendar events - very quick and easy bug fix?

Divan Santana divan at s-tainment.co.za
Tue Oct 11 20:51:10 BST 2011

Hi kdepim friends,

I might be crazy but I'm hoping we can get to a stable kontact/kmail2 soon.

Kmail2 4.7.0 - 4.7.2 has been extremely problematic/unusable for me and 
resulted in a lot of data loss despite me trying many work arounds.

As a result of the above I after many years hesitantly left kmail2 and went 
for the highly recommended "stable" thunderbird.

After more than a month of using thunderbird I came to realise I want my kmail 
back and that thunderbird in many ways is more behind than kmail.

So on to trying to contribute more to kdepim in some way.

I filed the below bug, and would like you guys to test this and confirm by 
voting, adding comments.

I would think this would be a very quick and easy bug to reproduce and 
fix(although I am a user, nevertheless I think so).


Have a great day.
Divan Santana
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