[kdepim-users] Kontact save location?

Andreas Zeller a-zeller at web.de
Mon Oct 31 13:36:11 GMT 2011

Am 31.10.2011, 13:53 Uhr, schrieb Anne Wilson <cannewilson at googlemail.com>:

> On Monday 31 Oct 2011 11:37:11 Andreas Zeller wrote:
>> I never used KMail.
>> Before Update the contacts contain much more than eMail. I also stored
>> addresses, phone numbers, pictures, Notes and more and it works without
>> problems. Can all this be stored in KMail config files? Where are they?
>> I'm desperately looking for old config files in hopes that I find my
>>  data.   There must be a config file which contains the location where  
>> data
>>  was stored before update!?
> If you didn't use KMail, what did you use?  That would affect where the
> addresses it used were kept.

For eMail I use Opera - for over 7 years now - so the eMail addresses are  
stored separately.

>> Where was the data stored, if not in ~/.kde/share/apps/kabc/std.vcf
>> because it works before update?!?
> What worked, though?  What mail application was reading them, if not  
> KMail?

I'm missing my contact-data stored in KAdressbook: email addresses, postal  
addresses, phone and fax numbers, pictures, Notes and other information.  
The eMail correspondence and therefor the email addresses are  
administrated by Opera in ~/.opera/mail/.

Before update to Kubuntu 11.10 the KAddressbook worked fine inside  
Kontact. I used it every day.

Erstellt mit Operas revolutionärem E-Mail-Modul: http://www.opera.com/mail/

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