[kdepim-users] no notification for incoming mails

dirk dns_hmpf at web.de
Thu Oct 20 20:43:11 BST 2011


with KMail 4.7.2 (4.7.2+git111007-0ubuntu1) there is a notification for 
outgoing mail, but none for incoming mail. In Settings -> Configure 
Notifications are two sets of notifications to choose from. One is KDE e-
mail client, and one is KMail.

KMail has the event New Mail Arrived, but it does neither play a sound 
nor does it show a message in a pop up (notification), when activated 
(rest I did not check).

KDE e-mail client events do work, but there is no event for new mail, 
just for E-mail successfully sent (which should be deactivated by default 
in my opinion) and E-mail sending failed. Those two work.

Before I open a bug report (did not find one), is that the same for other 
people as well? Especially hearing from non *buntu users would be 
interesting, since this is a from a Kubuntu machine and I think they do 
some patching for their Ayatana notification stuff.


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