[kdepim-users] KMail 4.7.0 - Won't Display Local Folder Contents

Jason Lamb jason at lambhome.org
Fri Jul 29 21:47:31 BST 2011

After upgrading to KDE 4.7.0 on my Gentoo laptop, I opened KMail, (which is configured for POP3 for incoming mail, and then I archive to local folders), 
and after seeing a bunch of old messages in my Inbox, which I had already archived to local folders, I moved them to Trash, and everything seemed to be 
working fine. I can send and receive mail without issue and I can see all of the messages in my local folders, except for one.

This problem folder has 4500+ messages in it, (not my largest local folder), and it will not "come up". The spinning "wait" icon is displayed on the folder 
when I select it, and the message list never appears, even after hours of waiting. I even moved another message to the folder from my inbox, and that 
message appears as the only message in the list. All the while the "wait" icon keeps spinning. The following pastebin link contains the .xsession-errors 
messages after I opened KMail and I selected a local mail folder that comes up correctly, called Comcast, followed by selecting the "problem" folder called 


>From those messages it appears that there is a problem retrieving "item 113862", although I don't know what to do to correct the condition. Any advice 
would be appreciated.

I had considered reimporting the problem message mailbox folder, however I'm not sure exactly where my local mail is now stored. I have one KMail 
folder hierarchy called Home, which has 30 sub-folders in it, all which contain messages. However, when I go to ~/.local/share/.local-mail.directory, both 
the Home and the .Home.directory folders do not have the entire sub-folder hierarchy, nor the messages in them. However, 
~/.local/share/akonadi/file_db_data, does contain 52,000+ items, and ~/.local/share/akonadi/akonadi.db is about 387mb. Is that where my local mail is 
now stored?

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