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Louis Hinman slack at nyc.rr.com
Fri Jul 29 17:20:18 BST 2011

Thanks for the tip, Ingo.  I think I may indeed have an intermittent loose
Ethernet connection.  Never thought of that!

Best Regards,

Lou Hinman

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On Thursday 28 July 2011, Louis Hinman wrote:
> I have a small home Ethernet network.  One machine is running 
> Slackware Linux 13.0, KDE 4.2.4 and KMail  1.11.4 and Firefox. The 
> other runs Windows XP.

Hmm. This version of KMail is ancient. :-)

> I recently changed my  ISP  to Time-Warner and I have a broadband
> connection to the Internet.   Everything was working normally for 3
> months, but suddenly email downloads from Time-Warner's Road Runner 
> POP server started to get erratic.  Sometimes rebooting help, but 
> sometimes not.
> I can usually ping the POP server, and I can always download my email 
> from the Windows machine, so it appears there is nothing wrong on the 
> server side.  I can generally send email (although it appears to be a 
> little slow, and sometimes a perfectly ordinary email gets stuck in 
> the outbox).
> Coincidentally, Firefox on the Linux box is also behaving erratically.  
> HTML processing get's stuck on "Waiting for xyz.com...".  HTML 
> requests do not time out at the server, but the page never comes.  
> Again, rebooting sometimes helps and sometimes doesn 't.  (Firefox on 
> the Windows machine works normally.)
> The fact that I have problems with *both* KMail  *and* Firefox makes 
> me suspect there is a problem with the underlying TCP/IP plumbing on 
> the Linux machine.  Is there a buffer overflowing somewhere?  A 
> corrupted cache?  Is there a log file I can look at?

To me this sounds more like a hardware problem than a software problem. 
Did you check the network cable and the network connectors?


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