[kdepim-users] restoring a mail folder

E. Hakan Duran ehakanduran at gmail.com
Sat Jul 30 22:38:42 BST 2011

Hi all,

About a week ago my sent mail folder corrupted itself crashing every time 
kontact/kmail (4.4.9/1.13.5) was launched. The first thing that came to my mind 
at that time was to rename the folder named "cur" under 
~/kde4/share/apps/kmail/mail/sent-mail to cur-corrupt then create a new folder 
with the name cur. This seemed to effectively generate an empty sent mail 
folder which allowed kontact/kmail to launch and function normally. Today I 
had an opportunity to examine the folder cur-corrupt and found a file with 0 
byte size that was generated on the date of the initial event. I deleted that 
file, renamed cur to cur-intact and cur-corrupt to cur and happily saw that 
kontac/kmail would launch normally with my >2-year archive of sent mails. Of 
course the emails I sent within the week after the corruption event were now 
under the cur-intact folder, and I though all I needed to do to merge them to 
my sent mail folder was to copy them under the folder cur. There are 6 files 
there (*:2.S) and just copying them did not seem to work. Neither does 
restarting the akonadi server nor loging out and back in to kde. Does anybody 
know how to get this done?

Thanks in advance for the pointers.

Hakan Duran
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