[kdepim-users] Re: KMail 2 Filters and Tags again.

Dave Griffiths dave.griffiths62 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 16 10:03:16 BST 2011

Dave Griffiths wrote:

> Hi All,
> Well, having believed that tags were now working correctly in KMail 2.1.1 as
> stated in my last thread, I now find this is not the case. I have 87 tags on
> my system for both DigiKam and KMail use. I have set 23 filters that tag
> messages on arrival. These work consistently until I restart the PC when the
> tags I have set become the first tag in my list. The only way to fix I have
> found is to reassign all the tags again. As this consists of 23 filters so
> is a pain.
> Anyone else seeing this? If so I will file a bug.
> Thanks in advance
> Dave
> openSUSE 11.4 x86_64
> KDE4.6.5
> Kontact 4.6.1

Some further info. Just started the PC again today and the tags have yet again 
been disassociated. No messages have been tagged and when I go into the filter 
list it again shows the first tag in my list. So I think that the tags are 
just being disassociated after the reboot, not changed as I originally 
thought. If anyone else can confirm this type of action that would be great, 
as it will prove it's not just some funky behaviour on my system and I can 
file a bug.

Thanks in advance

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