[kdepim-users] kaddressbook missing features

Mirko Hessel-von Molo mirkoh at math.upb.de
Wed Oct 13 21:39:44 BST 2010

Good evening, 

today I upgraded to Ubuntu Lucid. That way I got kaddressbook 4.4
When I opened it first, I was shocked - nothing worked any more!

Having spent the best part of my evening fiddling with akonadi, nepomuk &
the like, I think I am now at the point that I have kaddressbook working
in the way its authors intended it to work.

This does not mean it works for me: I miss quite a number of features that
were there in the version I had in Ubuntu Karmic (never looked up which
version number it had!). 

Here I think also about those features that are officially "not there"
(categories, distribution lists). More pressing, however, is the following
problem: Normally, when I wanted to write an email to a number of people,
I went into kaddressbook, select all those people (Ctrl-Left click), then
with right click I opened the context menu which had the option "Send
email to contacts". Choosing that, a terminal window with my beloved
alpine email client opened, having all the names and email addresses
filled in into the From: line...

This still works when I click onto a single email-adress. However, the
"send email to contacts" option in the context menu seems to be gone. 

Any suggestions anybody?

Further questions: 

 * What can you do with "Groups" at all, currently?
   (Being able to select names and email adresses for 
   copy and paste isn't worth much, it seems to me...)

 * Can't you give names other than the vcf-filename to address books ?

 * What other option besides vcf files or directories do I have for
   address book which I do not want to call my "Personal Contacts"?
   (Similar question: can I only have one adress book of the type
   "Personal contacts" ?)
 * Can't I sort the entries in the middle column in different ways?
   (Currently, they are sorted by their first names, because that is the
   way they are shown. I'd rather like to have entries sorted (and shown)
   by the last names... I found out that in the "Edit Contact" dialogue,
   you have a (limited, by comparison) choice of ways to display the name.
   But seriously, that can't be it: I can't change that for every single
   contact! Besides, this would mean that in one adress book you'd have
   several ways of displaying the entries. What would that be good for?

Sorry to everybody who might feel put off by my sometimes too
unenthusiatic voice. I didn't exactly plan to spend my evening this way (
-- and my wife neither...)

Thanks  anyway for any help, 


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