[kdepim-users] sent mail to accounts whose incoming mail is imap

David Goodenough david.goodenough at linkchoose.co.uk
Wed Oct 6 15:49:00 BST 2010


I have a kmail setup (1.13.5) which has one POP account, and two 
disconnected IMAP accounts.  This setup has been migrated over
several years from much older versions.

The two IMAP accounts are talking to servers which run exim4 and dbmail.
So outbound mail does not normally appear in any of the dbmail folders.

When I send mail it gets copied into ~/Mail/sent-mail, which ever account
I use to sent it (which is good), but only the ones for the POP account
seem to get displayed when I look in the sent-mail folder under Local 
Folders.  There are INBOX.sent-mail folders on the two IMAP accounts, but
they are empty and anyway they point to different files when you look at
the properties.

I can not find any settings which filter (or not) the available mail in 

Is is possible (and if so how) to either set up separate sent-mail folders
for the two IMAP accounts which filter just the mail for that account or to
remove the filter on the sent-mail folder so that all mail is displayed.

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