[kdepim-users] KAddress Book entries not showing up in KMail

Frank Thieme frank at fthieme.net
Fri Mar 26 16:09:14 GMT 2010

On Freitag, 26. März 2010 16:46:57 Gene Heskett wrote:
> Not quite, it may be plain text, but its also MIME'D.  The real secret is
> she like a few others, is gpg signng the message, that turns the background
> black, so I have to make the fonts light colored.  I _think_ I have it
> fixed.

Ok, what I meant there are no information about font face or coloring in her 
message, like HTML or rich text. So it's not her fault.

When a gpg signed message turns the background black in _your_ KMail, so _you_ 
have configured something that does this. So you have to blame yourself ;)

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