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Art Alexion art.alexion at verizon.net
Tue Mar 30 00:36:08 BST 2010

On Monday 29 March 2010 15:08:48 Ingo Klöcker wrote:
> KMail stores the list of recent addresses in its config file (kmailrc).
> There's no easy way to move those addresses to a more permanent address 
> book, but you can open a dialog showing all recent addresses via "Edit 
> Recent Addresses..." in the context menu of the address input fields in 
> the composer.
> The number of recent addresses is limited to 40 by default. You can 
> change this limit (for example to 100) by adding the line
> Maximum Recent Addresses=100
> to the [General] section of kmailrc.
> Alternatively, instead of editting kmailrc manually you can run the 
> following command:
>   kwriteconfig --file kmailrc --group General \
>     --key "Maximum Recent Addresses" 100
> Note: You better quit KMail before you make this change. Otherwise, your 
> change might be overwritten by KMail.

That should work fine.  As I understand what you are saying, the retention of 
recent addresses isn't based on relative dates, but rather the retention of 
the last 40.  

I used your command line to change that to 100 which should be fine and 
copying recent shouldn't be necessary with that number retained.

That said, I use evolution for my employer's Exchange email system.  Though I 
prefer kmail in most ways, Evolution has a system whereby you can designate an 
addressbook as the automatic recipient of recent addresses.  Since they ares 
stored in a "regular" addressbook, they can be copied to your main addressbook 
or deleted easily as appropriate.  Perhaps, I'll file a feature request.

Art Alexion
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