[kdepim-users] Online sync of Kontact?

Ingo Klöcker kloecker at kde.org
Wed Mar 10 20:05:35 GMT 2010

On Wednesday 10 March 2010, Ryan Rix wrote:
> On Sun 7 February 2010 2:25:45 pm Ingo Klöcker wrote:
> > Exactly. And for events, to-dos and journal entries it works the
> > same way. But that's not all. Using shared IMAP folders you can
> > easily realize shared calendars and address books. It's really
> > amazing how simple it is to use a normal IMAP server as groupware
> > server with Kontact.
> Ingo, all,
> I've been idling in this list for a whlie, and listened to this
> discussion. Recently, my attempts to make my netbook more used, along
> with KMail's dIMAP feature working since 4.4.0 (it previously did
> not) I've been thinking about moving from my local resources to
> exclusively Kolab resources.
> All of these posts seem to imply that the data doesn't exist locally
> currenty, and does not tackle _how_ to import the data. How can one
> move data in existing resources to Kolab2?

The pre-4.4 version of KAddressBook offered the possibility to move 
contacts from one address book to another (via the context menu). In the 
4.4 version one can simply copy all contacts with Copy&Paste from one 
address book to another one.

For the conversion of the calendar this is much more tedious as one 
cannot copy&paste multiple events. So the events have to be copied one 
by one.

> I currently have:
> Kaddressbook "KDE Addressbook Traditional" resource
> Korganizer -- Multiple "iCal Calendar File" resources, one standard
> read write, and various online ones for LUGs and other event feeds,
> which I would like to stay cached.
> My understanding is that Kolab2 uses XML, not vcard/ical, so I cannot
> simply copy the files to the imap server (i have shell access to my
> mail server)

This is correct.

> Also, how does Kolab play with MBOX based dovecot imap servers? I've
> been arguing with it to work sanely for a few days now, and have
> things working, but wonder how adding the groupware folders on will
> be handled.

I think there are a few people on this mailing list, e.g. Anne (?), who 
are using dovecot with Kolab (resp. with IMAP address books and IMAP 

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