[kdepim-users] fc11 kadressbook 4.4 - custom fields and other configurations

Werner Joss werner at hoernerfranzracing.de
Mon Mar 1 18:19:33 GMT 2010

Am Monday 01 March 2010 10:44:41 schrieb Dj YB:
> yesterday I have updated about 200 packages and many things have changed,
> most  of them I like.
> my question:
> in the addressbook there were custom fields for my contacts which I could
> see  in the contact details and summary.
> now I don't have both.
> please help,
> if someone can tell me how to restore the data or the data appearence I
> would  be very happy.

I think this behaviour is due to the fact that kaddressbbok has just been 
migrated to akonadi, and some features which were available before, are just 
not yet implemented again.
however, I suppose the custom fields created before are not lost, just not 
(yet) visible.


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