[kdepim-users] KDE SC 4.4.0 and address book (solved)

Art Alexion art.alexion at verizon.net
Sat Mar 13 21:33:27 GMT 2010

On Sunday 28 February 2010 05:41:52 Ingo Klöcker wrote:

> You mean, what is the limitation of a local vCard file used via the
> compatibility Akonadi resource (i.e. "KDE Address Book (traditional)")
> opposed to a local vCard file used via the new native Akonadi resource
> (i.e. "VCard File")?
> I do not know the details, but does it really matter? It should be
> rather obvious that using a compatibility layer is subpar to using a
> native layer because
> a) it adds a level of complexity, i.e. another point of failure, and
> b) the compatibility layer adds compatibility for all of the KDE
> resources supported before Akonadi and thus cannot be tailored
> specifically for the needs of a single case.
> I see only one reason why one would prefer the compatibility resource
> over the native resource: If the native resource has a bug which does
> not occur with the compatibility resource. To my knowledge this is not
> the case.
> BTW, during migration of the address books to Akonadi all old vCard file
> and vCard folder address books are converted to the corresponding native
> Akonadi resources and all other address books are made available to
> Akonadi via the compatibility Akonadi resource.

I am just in the process of getting the akonadi-related stuff tuned up and 
working for me.  Today, I worked on some of the kaddressbook stuff.

This is kaddressbook 4.4.1 on Kubumtu 9.10.

I noticed that kmail 1.13.1 doesn't see the addresses for lookups if they are 
located in in the migrated native resource.  I tried this in and out of 
kontact.  Then, I created a compatibility resource and pointed it at the old 
vCard, and copied all of the native entries into the compatibility resource 
and two good things happened.

First, updated versions of the same entries merged instead of duplicated, 
which is very, very nice.

Second, all of the new contacts that I had created in the native resource 
became available to kmail via the compatibility resource.

While I understand the preference for the native resource, it appears that, at 
least with my distro, kmail can't see the native resource.

Another thing I am seeing is that I can create groups with the compatibility 
resource, whereas the new group button is greyed in the native resource.  This 
is especially odd because when I use the Save List button in a kmail composer 
window, a group IS created in the native resource.

Art Alexion
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